String Band

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Door Harp I

Guitar  & Child

Snail Head Banjo Boogie

Feathered Banjo I

Door Harp II

Feathered Banjo II

Door Harp III

Feathered Banjo III

Door Harp IV

Entwined & Unstrung

12 String Tango

Flight of the Wiry Split Lute

My "String Band" series of animated musical instruments is a tribute to the harmony, beauty, and joy that music brings to people. Music draws people closer and erases the artificial boundaries that we humans have erected to separate ourselves. Music is a bridge that spans across those divisions. 

Fire Song

Dancing Piano Heart II

Cello Illume

Conjoined Balalaikas

Water Music

Base Riff Romp

Dancing Piano Heart I

Water Music Shadow

Guitar Walk