Early Work

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Madonna & Child

steel, 49, x 59 x 41 cm, NFS

Hermas on My Toothbrush?

60 x 150 x  31 cm (each), wood, foam rubber, fabric, (private collection)

Turning Man

48 x 61 x  61 cm, steel gear, chain, rock, (private collection)

Hermas Crucifixion

153 x 122 x  31 cm, wood, foam rubber, fabric (private collection)

Vera: Train Aflame

123 x 61 x  61 cm, tractor part, plexiglass, lighting & wiring inside  (private collection)

Hermas Out!

213  x 213 x 153 cm, aluminum, fabric, chain

Part 1 of a  2 part commission for a private collector, installed in Los Angeles, CA

Hermas Out! (Part 2)

122 x 183 x  31 cm, aluminum, fabric, chain. Part 2 of a  2 part commission for a private collector, shipped  to London, UK

These are samples of two earlier series which were created while I was still at university or just after I graduated. The top image is "Madonna and Child". I still have this work.  It is dedicated to my late father and has never been for sale to anyone. 

The photo with the white photography umbrello next to the 'London Hermas' is me in my studio circa 1980.

The next four works are from the Herma (short title for 'hermaphrodite') series of sculptures. The series explored the adventures, persecution, and eventual liberation of any individuals considered to be misfits or outcasts in our society. 

The last two pieces are from my 'found object' series.

Photos of the sculpture "Hermas Out I!" by

Afshan Chamasmani. Photos of "Hermas Out II!" 

by Marilyn Ward Schatzberg.