Moonlight Mile  (Private collection)

In this series, the arc symbolism of progression on a circular path combines with another meaning of one of its synonyms — the bow. A bow may also signify the archery device that sends forth  projectiles, symbolizing the projection/issuance of ideas and actions.

The arcs represent the harmony and serenity that can be achieved after difficult transitions or journeys. Inspired by my late father's old hunting bow, these bows or arcs have been restrung in unorthodox fashion to tell or sing various stories.

Arcs & Restrung Bows

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Woman Warrior

Waterfall of the 

New Moon 

(City of Albuquerque public collection)

Parallel Walker: Echo Trace

(private collection)

Ritual Cup 

(private collection)


(private collection)

Clandestiny: Ballad of the Blood Moons (private collection)

The Gathering

Celebrating the Imperfect (private collection)

Blood Enigma Cascade

(different backgrounds)