Threading Forever art exhibition . . . June 6 - 26, 2015 . . . Mesa Library Upstairs Art Gallery, Los Alamos, NM . . .  
  . . . .  Sculpture. . . .

Mohammad, Theresa, and myself were privileged to have Jim Caffrey speak for us. We were also honored when he accepted our invitation to present his exceptional photography as part of our exhibition. Jim's evocative imagery takes the viewer to surrealistic realms, levels of being and thought which they may not have traveled to before — in just that particular way.

Jim's eloquent discourse on our work may be read and enjoyed by clicking here.


"Conjoined Balalaikas"
by Harriette Lawler

Libyan Revolution No. 14
by Mohammad Bin Lamin
    "Metamorphosis Series"
by Theresa DiMenno
by Jim Caffrey
  Installation Photos, click to enlarge              

"Threading Forever refers to the process by which artists create. We follow the threads of our imagination, weaving our way through an eternal artscape, threading in and out of various avenues of exploration. We may end up where we had planned to go or may find ourselves in an unplanned, unknown, and perhaps an accidental destination."


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