Holocaust Installation — 1999-2001
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From 8/1999 through 8/2001, an installation of 12 pieces were exhibited with various and appropriate objects from Holocaust survivors to tell a compelling story at the Holocaust Resource Center in Manhassett, Long Island, NY. As these pieces were encased in glass columns, the photographs taken of the actual displays are not very good. And as they told a story, some of the work took on different titles for the installation groupings.

Five sculptures were acquired by the Center for their permanent collection: Aftermath, Portrait of Fury, Plane of Passage, Ghetto Wall, and Flight of Angels.


Three of these were groupe together to tell the story of Stolen Memories along with photos of broken families: Aftermath, Portrait of Fury, and Plane of Passage.

There are 10 display columns in the entrance foyer, one for each of the Ten Commandments, five on each side facing each other. Sculptures were in eight of them. Then director Irving Roth and I placed appropriate objects from Holocaust survivors with the sculptures to complete the story. Each of the groupings were titled. Pictured here are seven of the groupings. Above from left: Freedom,


Struggle to Survive, Deprivation, Auschwitz, Stolen Memories, Ghetto Wall, and Cacophony.

Far Left: four of the display columns, including Flight of Angels in the first column. An eighth display - The Way Out - is not pictured here. The installation remains the one exhibit that I am most honored to have been part of.

Beyond the Ten Commandments entrance foyer is a large art gallery. The Holocaust Resource Center has changing exhibits in the main gallery on a regular basis.

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