The Star Ledger is a newspaper in Newark, New Jersey, home to a large and dynamic art community in the NYC area. Cacophony (copper, 21"h x 14"w x 11"d) is the particular piece that I was asked to exhibit in this invitational show at The City Without Walls gallery. As it was currently in the Holocaust Resource Center installation, the Center graciously agreed to loan it out for a few weeks.


February 2007

Harriette's copper sculptures have been gracing our exhibit space since 1999. They are part of our permanent collection. As visitors tour the Holocaust Resource Center, they spend time viewing and interpreting each of the sculptures. They examine the hidden meanings and the relationships between the pain and destruction of the Holocaust with the artistic expressions of the "Twisted Frames" and the "Ghetto Wall".

The "Flight of Angels" copper sculpture is a tribute to Nita Lee, of blessed memory, a fallen angel whose inspiration, perseverance and creative vision was the foundation of the Holocaust Resource Center. Harriette's sculpture "Flight of Angles" truly portrays the spirit of Nita Lee who also was a recognized artist.

Her artistic contribution to the Holocaust Resource Center continues to inspire the thousands of visitors who tour the Exhibition Hall annually.

Irving Roth, Director
Holocaust Resource Center
Manhasset, NY


"Flight of Angels" — top
"Cacophony" — bottom